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Equestrian gear designed by equestrians for equestrians




The entire line has been designed by actual trainers, riders and creative designers from within the illustrious equestrian world. The fashion-forward designs are style based on current fashion trends within the global fashion world. So when you purchase our Equestrian Couture brand, the innovative design style trend can be crossed-over to your everyday individual fashion style!


Made in the U.S.A.

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What makes InkStables Equestrian Couture brand of boot socks so unique?

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InkStables' 2016 Spring/Summer Catalogs are available for download on our website catalog page.

2016 InkStables Spring/Summer Equestrian Couture Catalog

2016 "Wick-It" Sock Catalog

2016 InkStables Knitted Socks

2016 Wrangler® Catalog

2016 Browning® Catalog

Tween Packaging Design
"100% Green Friendly"

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Adult Packaging Design
"100% Green Friendly"

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